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About Shawaya House

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We Are Proud of Our Patriotism

Shawaya House restaurant series was founded in 1425 H and it falls under the management of Shawaya House Company which is a limited liability and 100% patriotic company that works in the field of restaurants foundation, operation, and management. The company opened 90 restaurants by the end of 2014 across all regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company has accomplished the first milestone of its aspiration to expand across all cities of the kingdom and the globe by successfully registering its trade mark worldwide. What makes the company stands out in addition to obtaining the ISO food safety management systems certificate (ISO 22000:2018) is its presentation of traditional dishes in a modern sophisticated frame with competitive prices to serve its customers.

Mission and Vision

The contribution to the growth of restaurants sector in the kingdom by providing an advanced national trade mark that satisfies the largest segment of customers. And our way of doing that is through the continuous development while maintaining the highest quality standards in the restaurants and food sector in the kingdom.

Our Strategy

  • Maximizing value for money.
  • Continuous improvement and increasing the efficiency of operating, developing, and renewing the meals served to customers.
  • Taking care of the human resource element and enhance its efficiency through training and encouragement while increasing the dependence upon national workforce.