Yellow and Red Circular Logo with fire oven in the center representing Shawaya House
موزة الراهية - بيت الشواية

Shawaya House

Shawaya House restaurant series was founded in 1425 AH (2004 CE) and it falls under the management of Shawaya House Company which is a limited liability and 100% patriotic company

اسطول سيارات بيت الشواية

Vision and Mission

The contribution to the growth of restaurants sector in the kingdom by providing an advanced national trade mark that satisfies the largest segment of customers


Shawaya House always looks at human resources as a vital element of its growth

موظفون يعملون على تجهيز افطار رمضان في المساجد

More than 15 years of experience in catering

Full readiness to provide satisfying and nutritious meals for companies, institutions and factories throughout the Kingdom

وجبات دجاج الشواية جاهزة للتوصيل

Commitment to the highest quality standards

Shawaya House always ensures that its food safety system is in compliance with all regulations / legislation related to food safety and ISO